Working Out Loud – My First “Circle”


We’re now more than three weeks in and the Circle is doing fine and gaining traction. There are five of us who now actively follow the weekly guides (see and momentum is picking-up. It is really easy to follow this well thought-out program — John Stepper and his team have made it very straightforward.

We start each session with a quick update on the previous week’s activities. Everybody contributes. Progress is natural and it’s actually not uncommon for one or two to have already succeeded in completing at least one of the exercises for the week (albeit unknowingly). “Extra points” are awarded when this happens.

Fortunately, the group know each other reasonably well (or at least, we thought we did). Each week brings new subtle revelations and relationships are strengthening further. It is interesting to hear how everyone is slowly shaping their network and some are even thinking of creating their own Circle! Attitudes are positive and collaboration is growing.

One interesting idea we discussed during our last meeting (when somebody mentioned that they were struggling with how to meaningfully connect with their network) was simply to start thanking people who endorse you on LinkedIn.  Sending a simple Thank You email doesn’t take a lot of effort and adds a touch of class.

The concept of “leading with generosity” (one of the five elements) is one of the most powerful tools uncovered thus far. People don’t easily forget when you have helped them out and are naturally more willing to return the favor – or better still “pay it forward”.

Building and embedding new habits in your life is never easy and like it or not, most people are naturally resistant to change. But changes are underway and that signifies progress.

“For one change always leaves a dovetail into which another will fit”.

(Niccolò Machiavelli — ”The Prince”)

I know we’re all looking forward to the next meeting.